Growling Tummy is a live recipe book ranging from seasonal to whatever I might have a hankering for and these two things usually correspond. While I have experimentally cooked for years, I am still learning and gaining new skills- skills that merit sharing will most definitely be posted here.

I am half Armenian and half Swedish- I really wanted to name this blog “swedishchef.com” but Disney already had it. I’m basically a female version of the Swedish Chef in the kitchen. Hands everywhere, kitchen tools flying, food spattering, etc. Somehow though, things work. I have to thank my (Armenian) mother for that. And my nana, because without her, who would have known every recipe is supposed to start with a stick of butter?

I try to use simple or traditional recipes and step them up with my own tastes and cravings. I will go for the occasional hard step-by-step, but I promise to give all the hints I can to make you have a fun experience while cooking or baking. I hope you will join me on my journey to cooking deliciously well!

I love to hear from you, so please comment in the so-labeled section under each recipe post. If you have a question about the recipe, general cooking inquiries, or just want to tell me about your experience please do.